Sunday, March 21, 2010

Busy, busy, busy!!!

Well, life has been crazy lately. A little over a month ago I accepted a calling to be the meeting counselor in the Relief Society Presidency which has been a lot of work but sooooo rewarding and fun. Aaron went to Arizona for a conference for work and we are glad to have him home. We were able to make it to the temple last night for a session and it was much needed. We hadn't been together since the day we received Lucas' diagnosis and so we were both very emotional. But it was great and the spirit was very strong. Kaden and Jonas are enjoying the warm weather we've been having and after spending all winter cooped up in the house with cabin fever, it's been nice to get outside in the fresh air. Jonas is signed up to play T-Ball in May and he is really excited. Kaden wants to play soccer which starts in August. There are a bunch of mom's in our neighborhood who have signed up their kids as well so it will be a lot of fun to visit and watch the kids play at the same time. I love our neighborhood. I'm not attached to our house but when the day comes that we decide to move it will be difficult to leave our friends. Well, that's pretty much all I have for now. I wish I would do a better job of remembering the little things that happen. I guess that's why I should be recording more often when things are fresh. We are greatly blessed and although we have gone through some difficult times, I'm grateful for all that we have been given and for the growth that has been a direct result of our trials.