Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Day to Remember

Well, yesterday was Memorial Day and I have to admit that in years past it hasn't really been anything more than just another day off work to get things done around the house and maybe have some fun with the family. But now it has taken on a whole new meaning. We decided that it would be fun to start a tradition of having a picnic with Lucas every year. The weather couldn't have been more perfect and we just sat on a blanket with our subway sandwiches and talked to him. It was great! I had never been to a cemetery on Memorial day and wow....it was incredible. Usually when we go we are the only one's there. It was truly amazing to look around and see the numbers of people there to remember and honor their loved one's who have passed on. And oh the flags, there were flags everywhere which was quite a sight to see. We had a good time and I'm sure Lucas was there in spirit enjoying the picnic right along with us. Well moving on to another topic, Kaden has graduated the first grade. He should be out for the summer but was invited to attend a four week course of summer school where he will be working with a specialist to help his reading and writing to improve. He starts tomorrow and it's 3 hours a day for the month of June. He was right at benchmark however, I believe he can make leaps and bounds and be that much more prepared for next year by taking advantage of this opportunity. I plan on taking him to the Library this week to get him his first library card which will hopefully get him more excited about reading. I feel kind of guilty because I think had I read with him more last summer, he would have been reading at the same level as the other kids in his class. However, I had a lot on my mind and was slightly distracted last summer so it is my goal to make up for it this summer. Well, I am very tired and have to get up early to get Kaden to school on time so I am off to bed.


  1. My thoughts were with your family on Monday as well. I hope that you are happy and well...miss you my friend :)

  2. What a great way to remember your little guy! I love that idea!

  3. That is a lovely tradition to start. You will keep Lucas alive in your boys' minds by doing that. Cemeteries are beautiful, peaceful places and are gorgeous on Memorial Day. So glad you had a peaceful, fun time there. Take care.