Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Well, Shannon asked me to update the blog two trips ago. So I admit I have been a slacker. Maybe one day I will get around to putting the pictures up too. So here is the reader's digest version of what we have been up to.

At the end of July we took the family to St. George for a long weekend getaway and to celebrate our anniversary (It has been ten wonderful years). When we arrived in St. George, Shannon went shopping at the outlets for school clothes for the boys. She got a lot of nice clothes for the new school year. The next night we went to Las Vegas and stayed in a really nice Suite at Mandalay Bay. We ate ourselves silly at the Seaside Buffet that night. The boys were staying in St. George with Shannon's parents. The next morning we were roused to the telephone call informing us that Kaden had fallen off the couch he was sleeping on and was complaining that his arm hurt. We headed back to St. George and took him to the Insta Care in St. George. They determined that his arm was broken and that it broke so easily because he has a bone cyst in his upper humerus. Well, we enjoyed the rest of the vacation but Kaden had to wear a sling. On Saturday night we went to Tuacan and saw CATS the musical. It was entertaining and the boys liked it, but it was so hot even at 10:00 pm.

The other trip that I took was to California to go surfing in San Diego. My brother and his friend came along because they had some work to do in CA and they wanted to catch some waves too. We drove all night but stopped in Las Vegas and ate breakfast at an old Casino at 3 am where they served decent breakfast for a few bucks between the hours of 11:00 pm and 7:00 am. Vegas is a different world. When we did get to San Diego the next morning the surf wasn't great but I was with my older brother and his friend who knew their way around CA, so we headed North to Huntington Beach and found some waves. In all we ended up going to San Diego, Huntington Beach, Newport, Las Angeles (Venice Beach). As I mentioned my brother knows his way around that area and he took me to some amazing places to eat. The best had to be the Fish and Calamari Tacos in Huntington beach. On our way back from CA, after spending a few days there, we stopped in Las Vegas again and watched a cover band, The Crashers, perform. They are some pretty talented guys. I had a good time and it was fun to hang out with my bro for a few days.

Well, this was a short and scattered post. Maybe Shannon won't ask me to post anymore ;). The boys have continued to say and do funny things. Both have started school and Kaden is in soccer. We feel so blessed to have them and are grateful to be expecting our fourth child now. We hope to find out the gender in the next couple of weeks.

To end, and maybe the whole reason I wrote anything tonight is because I was thinking of Lucas. Tomorrow marks one year since he left us and returned to his Father in Heaven. We miss him so much but try to focus on the positive things, like the joy he brought to our family, that he is no longer battling Cancer and going through all that came with it, and that he is now with his Heavenly Father free from care and pain. Lucas, we love and miss you and look forward to the day that we can hold you again. Tomorrow will be a special opportunity to honor you and remember you, as we do everyday. We love you.


  1. I want you to know that I think of Lucas often too. Even though I didn't know him and don't know your family, the journey you all went through as he passed through cancer to return to Heavenly Father has touched me and strengthened me. Thanks for updating.

  2. I've posted before..right after little Lucas' passing. I've been thinking about your family alot especially in the last couple of months. My dad couldn't battle cancer anymore and on May 5th he went with our Heavenly Father. I thought alot about your family because your journey was what helped me on many occasions to get past the hurdles we were going through. I think of how my dad is now running around with the children that have passed on (like Lucas), he LOVED children. It's like you say it gets a little easier but you never truly get over it. There are blessings that Heavenly Father continues to send to us as well to help us along such as your wonderful new addition to arrive in Feb. We too are expecting (our second child..a boy we currently have a 2 1/2 yr old little girl) on Feb. 3rd as well :-). So blessings still come our way even though we may be hurting and saddened. We always pray for your family and wish you all the very best.