Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Lucas!!!

Today is Lucas' birthday and we are happy to celebrate it. This day reminds us of the day that he came into our lives and began his short stay with us here on earth. We feel so blessed to have had him for the time that we did. Above are a couple of pictures of his recently completed headstone. Thanks to those who so thoughtfully left flowers and cards and for other kind gestures in memory of Lucas and this special day.

Happy Birthday Lucas!!! We love you!



  1. Happy Birthday to Lucas! Maddie celebrated her birthday today as well!

  2. Happy Birthday Lucas!!! I am sure he was there celebrating with you guys!!! :)

  3. What a beautiful headstone! I'm so glad they were able to get it in time for his birthday. :)

  4. The headstone is beautiful! Happy birthday sweet Lucas!

  5. Happy Birthday to little Lucas! I forgot his bday was this month...such a sweet little spirit...The headstone is so beautiful! Thats so cool you got it before his bday! LOVE you guys!

  6. Happy belated birthday to your sweet boy! I know he is very proud to call you all Mommy and Daddy.

    I will keep you all in my prayers.

    Much love,
    Stacie Smith
    (Mommy to Gavin Smith)

  7. What a beautiful tribute to Lucas! It's perfect, you guys did great! Love and miss you much.

  8. He is an adorable boy.
    Happy his head stone came before his birthday.

    Merry Christmas to your family!