Thursday, August 6, 2009

Home for the Weekend

Well, we are home with Kaden and Jonas this weekend and I must say that it feels soooooo nice to be out of that hospital room. The only thing I love about it is that Lucas is there. It's almost been 3 weeks since he was admitted and I can't wait to see his excitement once we are allowed to bring him home. His counts came up a little and went from 0 to 200. He needs to be around 10,000 for them to do the stem cell harvest. We are hoping it will happen next week. He had yogurt today for the first time and LOVED it!!! He still doesn't want anything to do with the hospital formula so he continues to get his nutrition through a feeding tube. The doctors think the yogurt will also help the bacterial infection he's still trying to fight off. He received a bath today and was pretty happy for the most part. He practiced sitting up a lot as I kept him distracted with toys. He's at the age where he enjoys just smacking his hand or other toys on stuff just to make noise. It's amazing how something so simple can entertain him for hours. Tonight we spent some time cleaning and surprisingly the boys wanted to help so badly. I let them windex the mirrors and clean them. Kaden had the opportunity to vacuum for the first time. It was challenging because our vacuum is heavy for him, but he managed to do a pretty good job. (With the exception of accidentally sucking a Bakugan Ball up the tube and it got stuck. Aaron was able to get it out thank goodness!!) We miss our boys when we are away from them and it's always good to spend time with them. We get to go to our friend Austin's Birthday Party tomorrow. He's turning 8 and the boys are very excited. It will be fun.


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  1. yea! Little Lucas got to eat real food! He is such a little tough guy! Thanks so much for coming to Austins party! He LOVES Kaden and Jonas! You guys are awesome friends!