Sunday, August 23, 2009

Well, we are still here at the hospital. Two nights ago Lucas slept pretty good through the night only waking up once. Last night he woke up 3 times in a lot of pain. The best way to describe the crying he makes when in this kind of pain is imagine going to a pet store and listening to the birds chirping. It's so high pitched it almost hurts your ears. He received morphine twice last night in addition to the oxycodone, Tylenol, benedryl, zophran, and ativan. This morning the decission was made to try something new to control his pain. Methadone. Yes, this is what Heroin addicts go on to detox. The only reason I'm fine with this is because what we've been doing isn't enough to keep him comfortable. The pain is definitely coming from his neck and the nerves in his shoulder due to the tumor irritating it. That doesn't mean that the tumor is growing, it just means that there are obvious changes going on which are effecting the nerves. This is a pain that he will most likely have for months to come and so we are trying to figure out a plan for pain management that he can safely take at home. I told them I refuse to take him home until his pain is under control. It's just to heartbreaking listening to him scream and yet I'm giving him everything he's been prescribed and it doesn't work for more than an hour. I felt helpless at home and I'm not going to feel that way again if I can help it. Please pray that Lucas can be relieved of his pain while going through chemo. Aaron is here with me today and the boys are at my mom's. I know that they want to keep Lucas here a couple more days to make sure that the methadone works and it takes a couple of days to set in and do it's magic. Thanks for all of your support.


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