Monday, August 10, 2009

Sooooo Frustrated!!!

I'm sorry I haven't done an update yet. This whole weekend while home with the boys we had different family members stay at the hospital with Lucas and the game plan was constantly changing. In fact, I still don't know what's going on. All I do know is that he was scheduled to get his stem cell harvest done this morning and because his counts dropped again on Saturday and are not yet where they want them, it's been postponed yet again. He has had a couple of platelet and blood transfusions and he will be getting another one this afternoon. His counts were only at 400 this morning. Then I heard from family that the Dr Brugger's wants him to have 4 more rounds of chemo before starting radiation treatment. The original plan was to do radiation next and then 3 rounds of chemo to end. I'm so confused? They haven't even done an MRI to know if the chemo is even working to shrink the tumor. I guess he is scheduled to have one done tomorrow so hopefully that plan won't change. I'm curious to know but also nervous for the results. We decided to take the boys out of soccer this year and we will be getting a refund thank goodness. I just don't know how much time we will have for extra stuff right now. Getting Kaden to do his homework every night is going to be time consuming enough. They understood and there's always next year. And to all of you who have offered to help with the boys, thank you. You just might be getting a phone call once school starts. Life is going to go from crazy to crazier. But, we have to do whatever it takes to get through this trial. I took the boys to church yesterday and I'm so glad that I was in Sunday School class to hear the lesson. It was on trials, why we have them, and how we deal with them. It was exactly what I needed to hear and the spirit was so strong testifying to me that everything will be just fine. We just need to endure to the end and trust in Him who is all knowing. I continue to grow so much from this experience and I've seen so many blessings that have come from it. I know we aren't even close to the end of this journey but I know that we won't have to walk it alone and that brings me so much comfort. I love you all and appreciate all of your prayers on our behalf. I will update tomorrow once I have more information.



  1. That Sunday School lesson was quite the lesson, huh? You hang in there... you guys are doing great. Let us know how we can help you. You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.
    Love, The Huish's

  2. awww...I love you Shannon! You are so strong, thanks for your example!

  3. Aaron, I'm so sorry and saddened by the recent news. I've kept up with the updates and appreciate you and Shannon's time in writing to keep us informed. I admire you both for your faith and spirit. We miss you at work but know that we are all thinking of you.
    God bless.