Tuesday, July 21, 2009

At the Hospital Again

This morning we came to Primary's to have Lucas' hearing checked. Both his kidney function test yesterday and his hearing test today went smoothly and everything is normal. He was admitted to the ICS unit after coming out of anesthesia and we are just trying to make it comfortable for him. He hasn't even started his first chemo med yet and already he's being a stubborn eater. It's either that he doesn't like the formula here at the hospital or that he's away from home. It's probably both. I have a feeling the NG tube will be back in soon. Well, not much else to report. Hopefully he won't break out in a horrible rash this time around. Kaden and Jonas are staying with my parents and went to a water slide park today and had a blast. I got to hear all about it over the phone. I can't believe how fast they are growing up. Work has begun on our basement and we are so grateful for the individuals who are donating their time and skills to make it happen. Thank you all so much!!!



  1. hey there! so britten is going to be in first grade too! do your kids go to pony express? i hope lucas does good this time around!! we have been keeping you guys in our prayers and it is so cute to hear sarah who is 4 praying for him to get better!! i hope your basement gets finished soon! i'll have to come check it out.

  2. Yep, good old Pony Express. Maybe he and Britten will be in the same class. Thank you so much for your prayers.