Saturday, July 11, 2009

There are no words....

Today's fundraiser was such a success. It was nothing short of AWESOME!!! There were so many things donated and the baked goods were to die for. My parents were able to bring their big bouncy house for the kids and my aunt and uncle arranged for a professional snow cone machine to be there which everyone (especially the kids) loved!!! It was seriously the funnest yard sale I've ever been to. During the clean up Aaron made the comment that it looked like a carnival had been to the Proctor's front yard. (Roger and Kelli, we love you!!) We are overwhelmed with every one's generosity. I personally want to thank all of those who participated whether it was with your time or in donations. I'm so glad that Aaron and I were there to see it all in action. It was so humbling and we were able to meet many new friends. I was having a difficult time holding back the tears. We feel so loved and appreciate all the prayers and support on our behalf. Lucas has had a fever for the past 2 days and they have him on antibiotics and Tylenol. The biopsy site on his leg has become irritated and red and they did a blood draw yesterday to see where the infection is coming from. It's difficult to get all the information since I'm not there this weekend. His counts are now up to a whopping .7 though. I did talk to my mother in law who is with him tonight and she said that he didn't feel to warm so his fever must be under control. She said she would call if things took a turn. She hasn't called back and so no news is good news. Aaron will be going to the hospital tomorrow to stay with Lucas so I will have him do an update then. Much love and appreciation....Shannon.


  1. Yes, thank you everyone!!!


  2. we seriously loved every minute of it! It was seriously a BIG GROUP effort though, everyone loved the serving you guys cuz you guys are the BEST!

  3. so we were driving the other day and sarah saw a yard sale and said "ours was way better and more funner!" that was such a great day!!