Sunday, July 26, 2009

On a Sunday afternoon

I am up at the hospital with Lucas today. I was really excited to spend time with him because I hadn't seen him since Thursday morning. We had a great weekend with the boys. We did a lot of fun things, it's like we are trying to make up for the rest of the week in a couple of days.

Tony, my brother-in-law, stopped by and brought me lunch, thanks Tony! It was good to chat for a while and it was good to have you here. I think Lucas liked seeing you.

Today Lucas is starting the drug Cisplatin. In the words of the nurse, "this is nasty stuff." This round of Chemo Lucas is getting full strength doses of the drugs, where he was only getting about 85% doses in the first round. Thankfully Lucas seems to be sleeping a lot from the drugs they are giving him, I hope that he can be comfortable through the next 24 hours. The nurse, Joan, said that there is a 100% chance of Lucas throwing up from this drug so they are giving him other drugs to help with the nausea. A question that I have been asked a few times lately is, "When will they know if the treatment is working?" The answer to that, I believe, is the next time they do an MRI. I think they will do the MRI either after this round of Chemo, or after the six weeks of radiation, which is scheduled to happen after this second round of Chemo.

I was still able to get Lucas to smile this morning and that always brings me comfort. So all in all he is doing well.


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