Sunday, July 19, 2009

Well, Lucas managed to yank out his feeding tube yesterday. I didn't bother to put it back in because he is eating so well. I hope the nurses don't get mad. I just figured the poor little guy should have a break from it since I'm sure they will put it back in on Tuesday. We had a great weekend just chillin with the boys. Kaden and Jonas went to Cookie Cutters and got their mops cut yesterday and they look so good. Sure it's free to have daddy cut it, but it was more for the experience. They loved it. They start soccer next month and it will be interesting as we try to juggle time with Lucas and coming to games and practices. Also, Kaden starts first grade. "YEAY FOR ALL DAY SCHOOL!!!" Oh, did I type that out loud? It's going to be a challenge. We will just have to make it work. We want to be there for them equally as much as we are with Lucas. It has been great having him home but I must say I'm quite anxious to get him started on his next round of chemo. Dr. Bruggers said that they will most likely do another scan after this round to see if the tumor is responding to treatment. I know that he hasn't been in any pain since he's been home. He has been so happy and normal, (with the exception of his gimpy right arm.) I really hope that he can regain strength because it's going to be difficult for him to learn how to sit up, crawl, even roll over without the use of one of his arms. I know that kids are resilient and that they find a way to compensate. It will just take him a little longer to learn these important developmental milestones. I've been doing a lot of research on the Internet regarding the clinical trial treatment he is on and I must say that my head is spinning. There is so much information (bad and good) and it's overwhelming. Oh what I wouldn't do for a crystal ball right now. I know, I know, then I wouldn't have to exercise faith. It's just so hard not knowing what the end result will be. Will he be a cancer free survivor and beat the odds? I really hope so. And unless the doctors tell us there is nothing more they can do, we believe that he will fight these battles and win the war. I have to take him to Primary's in the morning to have a kidney function test done. Then he will have a hearing test on Tuesday before they admit him for round 2 of chemo. And yes, the air mattress is definitely coming with us this time. (Thanks mom and dad!!!) Love you all and thanks for your continued prayers and support.



  1. We're so glad Lucas is doing so well!

  2. Hi guys its mikkena. oh poor baby! But at least he looks so strong and happy. your family is the sweetest, kindest, happest,strongest family i know. hang in there Lucas and im so glad he is recovering best wishes

    mikkena hill

  3. we love you guys and continue to pray for you guys constantly!