Monday, July 27, 2009

View from Primary Children's Hospital

I didn't get to spend a lot of time with Lucas tonight because he was pretty sleepy by the time I got to the hospital after work. I got to see him smile though and that makes my day. The Chemo made him sick today. I will spare you the details, but he wasn't feeling well this afternoon. He has done pretty well tonight though. Thanks for the continued prayers and support.

Tonight I decided to take a few pictures of the view from the hospital. I went to the top of the parking garage and took a few pictures. I am posting one of them. I have to look for the little opportunities to keep my sanity, and experimenting with my camera is something that allows me to take a break.



  1. Hi! I'm in your ward and found your blog. Thanks so much for sharing your story. What a brave little boy! I hope he pulls through. Great picture of the view! I also love the pictures of Lucas- he is so sweet!
    We are praying for you...
    Jody Slagowski

  2. Aaron,
    That was an amazing photo! I thought for sure at 1st glance you got it off the internet but no, it was from your awesome camera! And probably an awesome experience to be in front of that scene. I really put myself there and could hear and feel the breeze. Thanks for posting! You know we love you guys so much!! Never forget we are here always for you and think about you daily! Hugs and kisses all around!!

    The Hills