Thursday, July 2, 2009

Yeay, he's happy!!!

It was a late night and so I decided to go to bed instead of writing a post for yesterday. So, I will now do an update on yesterdays events. Lucas woke up happy and content which was a far cry from the day before. He's been eating more often which tells me he's not too terribly nauseous. The only bad thing was that I noticed a really bad rash all over his back. It almost looked like a heat rash but it didn't seem to be bothering him. The oncologist said that it could be caused by one of the meds he is receiving for chemo and that they will keep an eye on it. He kept getting in trouble with the nurses because even though his right arm doesn't work, he's making up for it with his legs. He continues to kick off the monitor they tape on his toe. This morning they outsmarted him and reinforced the cord with tape around his foot to hold it in place. He wasn't to happy about that. Last night Aaron came to the hospital after work and as we were contemplating reheating leftovers for dinner, we decided to go out on a mini date and enjoyed some Thai food. It was nice to escape the hospital environment for a bit. The nurses take such good care of him I knew he would be in good hands. He didn't sleep well last night and seemed to be in a lot of pain. I wish they would just give him morphine on a schedule instead of waiting for him to exhibit signs of discomfort. One of the gals on the neurology team asked if I would be up to him trying a drug specifically designed to control nerve pain since the cancer is mostly affecting the nerves. They feel it would be just as if not more effective as the morphine. I told them if they recommended it then let's give it a shot. He will start on it this afternoon and it only needs to be administered twice a day. I hope it gives him more relief. I can't remember what it's called. I can't remember what any of these drugs are called. They are all so hard to pronounce let alone remember. Well, I will be going home tonight to spend the holiday weekend with Aaron and the boys. Lucas will have to stay in the hospital next week as well until his white blood cell counts come back up. Until then, my mom and Aaron's sister Marnie have offered to do rotations at the hospital with me so that I don't go bonkers. I'm so thankful for all of the offers to watch the boys, but I miss them and need to spend some time with them so they don't think I've abandoned them.


  1. I hope you have a lovely weekend with Aaron, Kaden, and Jonas! Give hugs to Lucas!

  2. Trish told me about your blog! You guys are so awesome! I admire the strength you both have through this whole thing! You are in our thoughts & prayers! Hugs...

  3. so glad you guys got to go you guys!

  4. Aaron and Shannon,
    Our thoughts and prayers are constantly with you. We wish we could be closer to help. Please give Lucas a hug for us and we hope you have a special Fourth of July with your family.
    James & Jenessa MacPherson

  5. we heard from old neighbors about your blog. Lucas is adorable! We are sorry things are so hectic and scary.
    We will keep your family in our prayers.
    We hope you continue to feel the inner strength that carries you each day!